Welcome to XRAYNANO

Welcome to XRAYNANO. Dr. Derrick C. Mancini is the founder and owner of XRAYNANO and its principle consultant.

2 thoughts on “Welcome to XRAYNANO

  1. Hi Derrick! Congratulations for the new company. I see you do consulting for X-ray optics. I also founded a company, mainly to do business in … X-ray optics! (Well, and eventually with fancy probes.) It is a pity that we didn’t consult each other. But maybe it is not late and we can touch base sometime and have a lunch meeting. Best is Friday if you are available, or else, it has to wait for late next week.

    I tried to call you, but your old cell phone number is no longer active. My one is the same: 630-865-8291.

    1. I have done consulting for zone plates, gratings, & nanodiamond so far. I am sure we are working in common areas, but that is not surprising given our history. Would love to get together some time.

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